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Sandiline Tech Boardies

45.75 EUR (37.81 EUR + VAT)
Availability: Can be ordered
Manufacturer: Sandiline
Model: SAN00051



The Tech boardies are windproof, splash proof, breathable and durable boardies designed for keel boat sail racing but so versatile that are useful in all kinds of watersports and all kind of conditions. The Tech boardies can be used alone when warm or as a top protective layer over technical undewear in windy and cold conditions. The shape of these shorts is designed to have the perfect fitting when seated, but with no restrictions to freedom of movement and no fear of getting hooked somewhere on the boat due to its slim cut. The side fittings on the belt allow a perfect fit for every situation and does not bother when bending over the boat's railing.


  • cordura reinforced seat part;
  • curved shape for perfect fitting in seated position;
  • breathable, windproof and splash proof fabric;
  • welded seams;
  • side belt adjustments;
  • slim cut.


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