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About us

The best from everything!

We are convinced that our kayak shop is the very first in the Hungarian market, and this is supported by the feedback of our customers. The store provides a range of unique benefits and the sum of them results in the best possible shopping experience. Larger stores offer a wide variety of other products (that of other sports, motorboats and their accessories, etc.), and smaller stores necessarily have a more modest selection - we are the most powerful in the kayak-canoe field. Anyone can easily make sure of this with some Internet browsing.

Our store is large, seven hundred square meters, with secure and free parking nearby. We have more than 300 boats on display and a huge selection of equipment and accessories, which can be seen and touched. Among our boats are the hottest types of world competitions and Olympics, sea, river, and tourist models of prestigious brands, inflatable kayaks and canoes that can be easily stored and taken anywhere in a backpack. In addition to these, we offer to our cost-sensitive customers the one-, two- and three-person versions of our EcoKayaks with an excellent price/value ratio.

Our sellers are all experienced water people, with a successful kayaker and canoeist competitor history and extensive experience as tour guides. We know exactly what is right for a beginner or youth competitor candidate, a world-class sports person, or a person or family of recreational rowing, or touring. Our store's product range has been compiled accordingly, exclusively from products that are successful in Hungarian or even international waters. With this, we eliminate in advance the possibility of making a mistake with an online order, for example, at some international portal. You can trust our advice, because we do not seek to convince the customer the first time to buy as expensive as possible, but we want them to be repeat customers, since it's the best for both parties. 

But we know very well that preliminary planning, searching the Internet and visiting stores, talking, and giving advice can only give superficial impressions, and can even confuse people who find it difficult to find their way around the abundant offer. In most shops, you can only look at the boats, but you can't sit inside them, because they weren't designed for that, they could even be damaged or cracked. It is not even clear whether someone can get in a seat of the given size and whether he/she will fit in the kayak. However, the best way to find out which type of boat is right for a particular buyer is when he paddles with it. Here, you can easily try out kayaks, canoes, and paddles, as we are right next to the water on the banks of the Danube (Római part). In this way, disappointments can be avoided, it is easy to find the real one immediately or with further attempts. The new owner will take the boat away from us with a satisfied smile!

For some people, even this is not enough, because he/she has never paddled before, he/she doesn't even know how to get into a kayak or canoe and hold the paddle. We thought of them too! In the second half of 2021, we expanded our store with an indoor test pool, where everyone can try out the boat of their choice in comfortable and safe conditions. After that, he/she can take a test ride on one of the boats and enjoy many beautiful experiences on the water. :)

Would someone not come to the store because of the risk of an epidemic or for some other reason? No problem, there is also the possibility of telephone consultation and online shopping.  

Last but not least, let's mention one of the biggest advantages of the specialty store: here, the customer gets everything in one place, from one source, instead of a lot of searching and running around, he can simply put together harmonious equipment from matching pieces, and he/she realizes that he/she got more than just a boat, but also acquired a partner relationship with us that he/she can always count on.

Our team

Pócza Viktor Ügyvezető

Pócza Viktor - ManagingDirector

My whole life has been accompanied by the sport of kayaking and canoeing. I started canoeing at the age of 9 in the Építők sports club, which I did competitively up to the youth division. During my career, I was also a member of the Honvéd, and finally the Ganz (AVSE) kayak-canoe club. Then a new love followed, but even there, I didn't let go of the paddle either: from the age of 18, I spent my free days guiding whitewater tours for more than 10 years. My other commitment was in the direction of trade, in which I was dealing with the representation of one of the most well-known outdoor brands for 10 years. During this time, I completed the technical manager training in marketing at the Technical College, and then for a short time I paddled to the exciting areas of the construction industry and motorsports. Since 2012, as the managing director of Kft., I have been working with all my knowledge to provide our customers with the widest range of products and the best service in a fantastic environment with the team. Even today, I like to try the products we offer, and during my vacations I always organize a water program and explore the world by rowing from a kayak, canoe, raft, or SUP.

Freisták Peti Operatív Vezető

Freisták Péter - Operational Manager

My 15-year kayaking career began at the age of 7 in Göd. The initial enthusiasm soon drifted me to competitive kayaking. Thanks to this, I managed to stand on the podium of both the European Championship and the World Championship. I went to train at several water facilities, including Göd, the MTK facility at the Gubacsi bridge, and finally the UTE water facility. After that, life took me to, where at first, I strengthened the sales team, then within the company, I turned to web technologies. I'm still happy to share my experiences with our customers, whether it's competition- or touring kayaking. I believe that a little kayaking can be added to every holiday and recreation, so I am the happy owner of a Gumotex Seawave inflatable kayak, with which I have explored both the domestic waters and seas.

Répás Gergő Sales

Répás Gergely - Sales

I was born in Szeged and started kayaking there when I was 8 years old, then at the age of 19 I moved to Budapest and continued in Építők sports club as a competitor and later as a youth coach. In the meantime, I also started working on whitewater as a rafting and whitewater kayak and canoe tour guide in Slovenia on the Soca River, where I mainly worked with Gumotex boats. Most recently, I coached in the Emirates, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi, or worked as a surfski and kayak instructor. In my free time, even on vacation, I like to spend my time mainly by the water. Whether on the lake, river or ocean, in a racing or touring kayak, inflatable kayak or surfski. I am happy to advise on the choice of paddle or boat, paddling technique, or any water-sports-related question.

Szpiti Sales

Szvoboda Péter (Szpiti) - Sales

When I was a child, my parents and I went on a lot of water tours with our touring canoe, and I sat in a kayak for the first time on a Szigetköz tour. I liked this form of exercise so much that I kayaked competitively at Ganz (later AVSE) sports club from the age of 10, then after graduating from the University of Physical Education I worked as a coach there for 17 years. Among the kayakers I coached were successful national and international competitors. After coaching in Hungary, I worked in Abu Dhabi as a kayak tour leader and kite boat coach. I am interested in the technical background of competitive sports, especially the connection of Garmin GPSs and smart watches with stroke rate meters and their utilization in making training more effective. In addition to competitive sports, I haven't given up touring either, I regularly test tour boats, and I would like to teach my two sons to love water and nature.