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Helly Hansen Waterproof bag 24L

24 L
47.96 EUR (39.64 EUR + VAT)
Availability: On stock
Manufacturer: Helly Hansen
Model: HEL00839


No. 67370A dependable, waterproof dry bag is a must-have for boat life. We constructed our 24L dry bag to keep your essentials safe in bad weather and rough seas. The Ocean Dry Bag has extra-strong 420D nylon with waterproof TPU backing and innovative, radio-frequency welded seams to keep moisture out. It closes with a secure roll-top and buckle. A removable shoulder strap makes it easy to carry loading and unloading the boat.Shell: 100% PolyamideCoating: 100% Thermoplastic PolyurethaneWeight:400g


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