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Eco Kayak Ranger Touring Kayak

973.45 EUR (804.50 EUR + VAT)
Availability: On stock
Manufacturer: Eco Kayak
Model: ECO00184


The Ranger is the best-equipped two-cockpit double kayak in Eco Kayak's product range. The boat is a 518 cm long, 67 cm wide sit-in touring kayak. The manufacturer designed this two-person kayak to cover medium and long distances, and accordingly, it is a model with an outstanding range of equipment, where in addition to achieving the best cruise speed great emphasis was placed on the maximum comfort of the kayaker, with the ergonomically designed, fabric-covered sponge seat and height-adjustable fabric-covered waist support. Thanks to the two separate cockpits, even wave aprons can be put on the boat, so it is comfortable to use the kayak even in harsher weather.

The Eco Kayak Ranger is specially recommended for those kayakers for whom, in addition to stability, speed is also one of the main considerations when choosing a touring kayak. This kayak can be the perfect solution for couples and families who want to have an adventure on the water together. The packing compartments and rubber ropes ensure the safe placement of up to several pieces of daily equipment, and in front of the two seats there is a small so-called daily compartment, where you can place small objects, money, telephone, keys, protected against splashing water, but still accessible at any time.


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Category Sea kayak/Touring kayak
Lenght, width, height  518, 67, 36 [cm]
Material HDPE High Density PoliEthylene
Weight 37 kg
Cockpit size 86 x 45 cm
Capacity 250 kg
Basic equipment

2 backrests, 2 seats, 4 waterproof compartment

rudder system

Recommended accessories paddle, PFD, delivery cart





Lenght Longer than 5 meters
Width More than 60 centimeters
Manouvering With rudder
Material One Layer Polyethylene
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