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Eco Kayak Explorer Touring Kayak 2022

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722.51 EUR (597.12 EUR + VAT)
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Manufacturer: Eco Kayak
Model: ECO00096


The Eco Kayak Explorer is the most stable, 4 m long, sit-in-type, rudderless touring kayak of the manufacturer's product range. The boat is a model of Eco Kayak designed for the short distances, which, despite its shape, keeps a straight line excellently, but at the same time can be maneuvered when needed. The Explorer has two large separate cockpits, which makes getting in and out very comfortable, making it suitable for kayakers of bigger stature as well. The distance between the deck and the bottom of the boat is 40 cm, so the space in the ship is quite spacious. The ergonomic and comfortable sitting position is ensured by the stably fixed (textile-covered spongy) seat surface and the also textile-covered spongy, height-adjustable, stable lumbar support.

The boat is especially recommended for beginner hikers who plan to go on day trips, but it can also be interesting for rental companies and tour organizing companies, as it is a durable, solid kayak that can be rented out to anyone, regardless of body type and qualifications. Its equipment is enhanced by a waterproof compartment, height-adjustable lumbar support, gradually adjustable footrest, and padded seat. Due to the design of the hull, the Explorer is suitable for straight travel even without a rudder. The separated cockpits make it suitable for using an average wave apron, thus for use in cooler, windier weather.


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Category Sea kayak/Touring kayak
Lenght, width, height  400, 87, 40 [cm]
Material HDPE High Density PoliEthylene
Weight 40 kg
Cockpit size 80 x 44 cm
Capacity 250 kg
Basic equipment 2 backrests, 2 seats, 1 waterproof compartment
Recommended accessories paddle, PFD, delivery cart



Lenght Between 4-5 meters
Width More than 60 centimeters
Manouvering None
Material One Layer Polyethylene
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