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Champion 9:12 Premium Festival Dragonboat

6,545.28 EUR (6,545.28 EUR + VAT)
Model: CHA00075|20210820
Availability: Last 1 pc in stock


Champion 9:12 festival dragon boat, approved by both the IDBF and CDBF organizations. Champion has more than 20 years of expertise in dragon boat manufacturing and offers some of the best boats on the market. Champion dragon boats have proven their quality at multiple competitions across the world. Each boat consists of a doubled layered body, which is secured by both the extra strong seats and the reinforcements in the boat’s body.

The dimensions of a festival type 9:12 dragon boat are as follows: Length: 9m Width: 1,14 m Height: 0,55 m Weight: 170kg

For the Premium type, the gunwales are made from particularly resilient plastic, which makes the gunwales require less maintenance and affords them a long lifespan. The scaly design on the side of the boat is also painted on for this type, which is far more durable than the previous design using stickers. Accessories for the boat: head, tail, drum, seat for the drummer, rudder, start number, drumstick.


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