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Vaaka Bluetooth Paddle Cadence Sensor

233.33 EUR (192.84 EUR + VAT)
Availability: Can be ordered
Manufacturer: Vaaka
Model: VAA00017


  • Compatible with wireless capable GPS sports devices
  • Ease of use, mount and forget
  • Lightweight only 55g
  • Easy attachment to any paddle shaft
  • Real time stroke rate feedback during training
  • Intelligent algorithm allows accurate stroke rate feedback even in rough conditions
  • Adds stroke rate data to other training metrics
  • All data, including stroke rate, is logged by your GPS device
  • Post training analysis of training metrics including cadence and distance per stroke
  • Very low power usage
  • Robust and fully waterproof for the maritime environment

This Vaaka cadence sensor performs on both single and double bladed paddles. It sends realtime stroke rate data to your watch or smartphone giving you the ability to monitor your stroke rate while you paddle. The data is stored for post training analysis of stroke rate and distance per stroke.

This is a quality product designed and manufactured in New Zealand to withstand the demanding conditions of competitive watersports. Vaaka sensors are lightweight, robust and fully waterproof, immersion tested to 3m for 24 hours. The cadence sensor is powered by an internal standard AAA alkaline battery which will only need replacing after 1-2 years of regular use.

Ready to use straight out of the box. Simply pair with your GPS device and you are ready to go.

Package includes user manual and training guide and santoprene straps for easy attachment to your kayak, dragonboat, or canoe/waka ama paddle. For replacement straps or a fully adjustable strap visit the store.


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