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Thule K-Guard

272.14 EUR (224.91 EUR + VAT)
Availability: Last 1 db in stock
Manufacturer: Thule
Model: THU00005


Very quick and easy to fit to the roof rack
Tiltable in a wide angle for easiest possible loading and unloading
Good pressure distribution onto the kayak hull, thanks to rubber supports designed to adapt to differently shaped kayaks
First-ever kayak carrier to be lockable, both kayak to carrier (with lockable steel-core strap) and carrier to roof rack
Rubber pad around the strap buckle protects the kayak and car from scratches during loading and transport
Elegant aluminium cradles
Technical specifications
Maximum load 45 kg
Dimensions 62.8 x 7.4 x 14.6 cm
Weight 4.3 kg
Rubber cover for strap buckle ✓
Length of straps 2x400 cm
Lockable ✓
One Key System compatible ✓
Fits Thule WingBar Evo ✓
Fits Thule WingBar ✓
Fits Thule SquareBar ✓ Adapter/s required: Thule SquareBar Adapter 4-pack
Fits Thule SlideBar ✓
Fits Thule ProBar ✓
Model number 840003

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