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Seabird Scott Touring Kayak

1,109.27 EUR (924.39 EUR + VAT)
Manufacturer: SeaBird
Model: SEA00043
Availability: Last 1 db in stock


The SeaBird Designs R Scott MV HDPE is the mid capacity version constructed in roto-moulded 3 layer polyethylene. Designed to be manoeuvrable and nimble with good stability, comfort and seaworthiness. SeaBird Designs R Scott MV HDPE has a similar hull form and deck layout as the composite version. The shallow V form continues through the flat bottomed mid sections, the hard chines are retained, allowing the kayak to edge and carve well in turns. The mid section of the hull is stiffened with triple channels to retain ridgity. The fish form below water lines and Swede form deck profile are the same giving a sleek and easily driven craft to allow you to cover the miles. The SeaBird Designs R Scott MV HDPE is an ideal kayak for instruction / guiding, rock hopping, surf and playing in tide races.

Length(cm): 525x56x32
Size range(kg): 70-90
Weight(kg): 27
Rudder: skeg

Lenght Longer than 5 meters
Width Between 45-60 centimeters
Manouvering With skeg
Material Three Layer Polyethylene
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