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Seabird Neoprene Kayaking Gloves

22.88 EUR (19.06 EUR + VAT)
Manufacturer: SeaBird
Model: SEA00136
Availability: On stock


Seabird neoprene five finger glove, ideal wear in rough conditions when the cold weather and the water freezes the hand so much it becomes hard to grip the paddle. In these conditions, this neoprene glove is the best solution.

We hearthily recommend it to kayakers in both fresh and saltwater, touring kayakers, and even those preferring cold mountain streams. Although neoprene isn’t waterproof, once the water has warmed up, it becomes a very effective insulation layer. Its important to pick the right size glove for our hand. A tight glove is uncomfortable, while a loose one might let more water in and ruin the insulation.


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