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SeaBird Discovery Touring Sea Kayak (With repair)

946.49 EUR
709.81 EUR (558.90 EUR + VAT)
236.68 EUR
Sale duration: 01/10/2022 - 30/10/2022
Manufacturer: SeaBird
Discount counter
Model: SEA00167


SeaBird Designs Discovery is the best choice for people who appreciate stable and responsive kayaks. Want to paddle on sea, lake or river – it doesn’t matter, you will handle them all with the Discovery model. The kayak is responsive, stable and it features a distinctly-shaped hull, great for bridging a wide choice of day trips. The Discovery is light and very easy to handle, additionally providing extra fine-tuning options to meet your personal preferences. This mini sea kayak is exactly what you need for exploring open, choppy waters on the sea, the lull of lazy rivers and wild beauty of lakes.
The Discovery is fantastic for fishing excursions. A high level of stability allows you to feel assured while turning your attention to reeling in a catch.
SeaBird Designs Discovery is the ultimate recreational kayak on the market!

Length(cm): 430x63x35
Size range(kg): 60-90
Weight(kg): 22
Rudder: yes


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