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Scoprega GM 5 hand pump with analogic manometer, grey

59.87 EUR (49.48 EUR + VAT)
Availability: On stock
Manufacturer: Scoprega
Model: SCO00011


With over 40 years of experience, Scoprega is an Italian company that produces electric, hand and foot inflators, oars, paddles and accessories for the nautical sector and for water sports. Thanks to a careful selection of materials and the constant study of innovative and advantageous solutions for our customers, we are among the leading suppliers in the world in our sector with our Scoprega and Bravo brands. If you are a fan of SUP, kayak, kite, rafts and everything related to water sports and outdoor activities, discover our proposals.

With a new concept / technology that makes it more efficient (less effort to inflate).
The internal aluminum tube is integrated with the external pump body, making the one piece pump (NO air leaks).
Manometer on the lid (not on the handle), to facilitate the reading of the air pressure.
Inflation opening on the lid, no kinking of the tube during the inflation phase.
The base can be foldable and the handle can be disassembled, saving space in the package.
- Adapters
- 1.25m high quality hose (LDPE + EVA)

Capacity: 2 x 2400 cc
Max Pressure: 1 bar (14,5 psi)
Inflate mode: DOUBLE or SINGLE  ACTION
Function mode: INFLATE/DEFLATE
Dimensions: 17 x 16 x 51 cm (folded)


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