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Roto Buran Weekend 488 Touring Kayak

1,265.67 EUR (1,046.01 EUR + VAT)
Availability: Last 1 db in stock
Manufacturer: Roto
Model: ROT00059


Buran 488 the kayak for tall and / or heavy paddlers – or persons with limited mobility. XL – cockpit for easy entry and exit. High volume – extreme load capacity, plenty of space in the kayak especially in the leg and foot area. Also foot sizes 47- enough space and are positioned correctly. Very stable and fast – like the shorter version. In the rear area a newly developed featur – a multifunctional insert – easily upgradeable for a rudder. Useable for a drainplug or a rudder sleeve. The cockpit is high and wide with plenty of legroom and both good height and width at the feet. The cockpit opening is also long and wide so it is easy to get into the kayak, also with long or slightly stiff legs. The bottom is almost flat under the seat and the sides bend with gradually sharp knee bends against the bow and stern. Together, it gives a very stable kayak, also for tall rowers over 2 meters. Available in three versions: BASIC, WEEKEND and EXPEDITION.

Lenght Longer than 5 meters
Width More than 60 centimeters
Manouvering None
Material One Layer Polyethylene
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