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Peak UK Deluxe Jacket

316.13 EUR (261.27 EUR + VAT)
Availability: Can be ordered
Manufacturer: PeakUK
Model: PEA00069



The ultimate whitewater jacket constructed from post industrial recycled 3 layer nylon with tough reinforced shoulders & elbows. Heavyweight fabric, perfect for tackling any extreme WW environment. Features double neck, wrist and waist seals for the ultimate protection, plus a handy zip pocket. Available in ladies sizes.

·Articulated cut with bent elbows

·Fully taped seams

·Breathable and durable X3 mid-heavyweight recycled nylon with 20m waterproofing

·Reinforced heavyweight recycled

X3 shoulders and elbows

·Latex inner neck with supersoft neo cone outer seal

·Latex inner wrists with Aquaout neo outer seals

·Aquaout neo outer waist seal with grippy, elasticated and mid-heavyweight X3 inner

·Sewn hole drainage holes between neck seals

·Easy access zip pocket on right hand chest

·Sizes: 10. 12. 14.  S. M. L. XL. XXL

·Weight (M): 1040g

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