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Nelo K1 Viper 51 Fitness Kayak

One Size
1,734.37 EUR (1,433.36 EUR + VAT)
Availability: Can be ordered
Manufacturer: Nelo
Model: NEL00130



Fiberglass Epoxy

This is the basic construction that is thought to be an economic option for touring and learning boats.


Carbon/Kevlar Vacuum Heat Cured

This construction is specific for marathon racing, and its main characteristics are lightness and stiffness. The balance between weight and stiffness gives this construction an outstanding performance in marathon racing.


Carbon/Kevlar Epoxy Vacuum

This construction is thought for river descent, marathon training and sea kayaking. Its main characteristics are stiffness and impact resistance.

Boat length: 5,2 m
Beam: 0,48 m / 0,51 m / 0,55 m / 0,6
Cockpit: 1 x 0,51m
Stability level: 3

Weight: A1:14 kg, WWR: 12 kg, E: 9 kg

Note: This product is available only for ordering, we may don't have in our stock and requires special shipping. For shipping fees please contact us.

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