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KayakPro Ergometer Dragon Boat

2,706.52 EUR (2,236.79 EUR + VAT)
Availability: Can be ordered
Manufacturer: KayakPro
Model: KPR00027


MultiStroke is the first Ergometer specifically designed for Dragon Boat Athletes or for Outrigger / Sit-and-Switch / Va’a and Pro Canoe Athletes. Unlike any other Ergometers available, MultiStroke can precisely replicate the resistance and on-the-water feel of Dragon Boat and Outrigger, paddling.

The 2 different Ergometers options available, allow the ability to select the Ergometer that is particular to your sport. They both replicate the on the water feel – the MultiStroke O1-M – allowing the athlete to switch sides using the same shaft.

The Combination of catch, resistance, and glide are 3 factors which make up the true “on the water” feel of paddling. In order to replicate this, the mechanics of blade entry, relationship between the forces on the shaft, the top guiding hand all are critical. This Precise replication has been achieved in Multistroke.

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