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KayakPro Ergometer Canoe

2,885.60 EUR (2,384.79 EUR + VAT)
Availability: Can be ordered
Manufacturer: KayakPro
Model: KPR00026


Our C1-N canoe Ergometer is the Gold standard for Canoe ergometers – used by most of the world’s top Canoe paddlers. The switchable functionality allows it to be used for either right or left- handed paddlers. The sliding platform, the variable angle and height catch arm, adjustable flywheel resistance, allows almost perfect replication of Canoe paddling. Sliding platform (Boat Style) with adjustable levels of travel / resistance.
Raised catch arm to provide blade entry “down-Pressure”.
Variable height and length “Catch arm” to allow athlete specific stoke / catch alignment.
Fully adjustable resistance, now increased over and above the Kayak Ergometer Flywheel to replicate the great resistance experienced in Canoe paddling.
Adjustable shaft
Large visible on-board console display.
Canoe Ergometer comes fully equipped with Knee block- adjustable rear foot rest.

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