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KayakPro Ergometer Kayak Compact

3,365.23 EUR (2,781.18 EUR + VAT)
Availability: Can be ordered
Manufacturer: KayakPro
Model: KPR00032


The Compact Kayak Ergometer features a delay-proof catch, giving a perfect on-the -water- feel. It’s superb engineering, robust construction – with on board electronics and software training additions make it the “Gold Standard” for ergometers. Adjustable shaft length – allows resistance and accommodation of preferred paddle length.

Quick release and adjustable footrest.

Adjustable resistance air-brake flywheel.

Super robust and durable construction.

Increased safety with tamperproof enclosed flywheel and rope enclosure

Super Easy Transportation – It can fit in the trunk of a car! Compressed size: 1.6m x 0.42m x 0.68m

Telescopic / Extendable Kayak Platform - It can be used in a reduced operating / work space.

Perfect delay proof “catch”

Large display On-Board console, with fully calibrated, time elapsed, distance traveled, Countdown distances or time, Stroke rate, Heart rate, functions pace speed, or projected time – for more details see here.

Carbon Fibre Seat. With 3 adjustable height and angle setting. Seat fittings also fully compatible with Nelo Plastex and Vajda kayak Seats.

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