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Kape Spirit 51 Standard + fitness kajak

One Size
Standard +
1,341.47 EUR (1,108.65 EUR + VAT)
Availability: Last 1 db in stock
Manufacturer: Kape
Model: KAP00025


The Spirit 51 is a popular fitness model made in one size. It has the perfect balance between smooth glide, relative stability and has a steep front deck design that allows a close, efficient catch at the start of every stroke. These together can give a sporty feeling of kayaking even for intermediate paddlers. Though basically it is for flat water kayaking, because of its tall bow it also performs well in choppy conditions and rivers.

However at first sight many experienced paddlers may consider 51 cm too wide for a fitness kayak, we highly recommend them to take a closer look, starting with the hull: The cross-section of bow is almost as V-shaped as of a racing kayak's. It widens and flattens just right behind the cockpit section providing just enough stability without making the whole hull bellied therefore sluggish.

The second appreciative look should go on to the front deck. In order to allow efficient close paddlestrokes without aggressive cutaways on the deck, it was designed unusually steep with a definite peek. By this we've got the desired slimness to let you use high angle paddling technique.

The peek of a front deck leads straight into the taller-than-avarage bow that lets the Spirit 51 to cut through choppy water.

Finally as a manufacturer we must also emphasise that the steep front deck and the V-shaped hull allows not just efficient paddling & smooth glide, but they also result much stiffer laminates than smooth curved surfaces.

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