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8.36 EUR (6.91 EUR + VAT)
Availability: Can be ordered
Model: NIN00022

Description waterproof PVC bag with a watertight seal, a necessary addition to everyone on the water. Everyone can find the bag fitting for their needs and taste thanks to a large selection of sizes and colours. Precise sealing can be ensured with the reinforced seal by the opening, that can be secured by a buckle.

We recommend this product to everyone using a touring canoe or kayak, dragon boat, SUP, surf or sailboat. We recommend that when sealing the bag, a small amount of air is left inside the bag, so if the bag falls into the water, it will still float on the surface, and proper watertight sealing can be tested by applying some pressure onto the bag.

If the bag is sealed properly, no amount of air should escape by the seal when applying pressure onto the bag, and we can be certain that water will not flood our bag. If the bag isn’t properly sealed, the seal may need to be screwed on again.


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