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22.86 EUR (18.90 EUR + VAT)
Manufacturer: Vidra
Model: VID00029
Availability: On stock


The windproof vest is a supplemental clothing piece for competitive racers, where special care was made during the design process to ensure it doesn’t limit the user in movement. When picking the materials, the chest and back were designed of a water and windproof material to protect the wearer from both the spray of the water and the wind while on the water.

For comfort, on both sided an elastic material was used to ensure a perfect fit, without flutter or pressure. The vest’s back area is longer, so that even while sitting, the waist is still protected, covered. We recommend this vest to be worn on top of any lower layer of clothing in case of colder, windier weather. The product is increasingly popular among hikers, and we can even find it among runners in the winter.


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