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Hornet Silicone Grip Tape

One Size
9.80 EUR (8.10 EUR + VAT)
Availability: Can be ordered
Manufacturer: Hornet
Model: HOR00022


The Silicone Grip Tape is part of the Hornet Watersports line of products that will keep you safe while enjoying your paddle sport and performing at the level you want to.  As with any paddle sport, things can get slippery out there on the water.  This self-fusing tape will really be useful when it comes to holding on to your paddle so it doesn't slip out of your hand and fall in the water.  Not only is the tape practical, but it is also stylish.

We have chosen 8 great colors so that you can be yourself out on the water and match all your other high-performance, light-weight Hornet products. To produce this tape for our customers, we have chosen a particular silicone material that offers unique characteristics that will assist your performance. The tiny bubbles manufactured in this product work their magic, and the resulting self-fusing allows the tape to stick only to itself.

Many paddlers prefer to use tape instead of wax. One common reason for this is that wax can leave your hands uncomfortably sticky. Other paddlers like to match the color of their gear, and most find it convenient to order all their accessories from Hornet Watersports, the leader in lightweight and high performance Dragon Boat and SUP equipment.


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