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Hornet Silicon Kayak Seat

27.58 EUR (22.79 EUR + VAT)
Availability: On stock
Manufacturer: Hornet
Model: HOR00045


You’ve silenced your phone and gathered up your gear. Now, you’re ready to hit the water and escape the bore of the everyday. You’re in no rush to get back, so why cut your journey short because of back or butt pain?

With this anti-slip kayak cushion, you can stay on the water longer in your kayak, canoe, fishing or any other small vessel. When the neoprene cushion gets wet (even super wet), you can sit comfortably and confidently knowing the silicon print underneath is working to keep you from slipping.

Don’t lose your center of gravity with a kayak cushion that’s too thick. Our 1 cushion is designed to give you support without causing you to feel out of balance. Soften up your trips on the water with just the right amount of softness to avoid going too far into relaxation mode during your physical activity. This cushion is designed as a one-size-fits-all for the outdoor kayaker.


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