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Helly Hansen Lifa Merino Crew

Dark blue
71.72 EUR (59.27 EUR + VAT)
Availability: Can be ordered
Manufacturer: Helly Hansen
Model: HEL00816




An exceptionally lightweight, 2-in-1 base layer with a warm-breathable merino wool exterior and a LIFA® wicking interior.

Our LIFA® Merino Lightweight collection is versatile and ideal for all cold weather activities. We used our proven 2-in-1 layer system, combining LIFA® Stay Warm moisture management and the natural warmth of merino in an extremely lightweight crew. LIFA® Merino Lightweight Crew 2-in-1 Base Layer delivers all the great benefits of merino wool fibers plus the unique wicking properties of technical LIFA® fibers.

Fiber Content: Shell: 70% Merino Wool, 30% Polypropylene

Care Instructions: Use wool detergent,Do not use fabric softener,Wash inside out,Do not wring

Weight: 280g


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