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Helly Hansen Lifa Active Solen Technical Shirt

47.46 EUR (39.22 EUR + VAT)
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Manufacturer: Helly Hansen
Model: HEL00913



Helly Hansen® women's T-shirt that provides protection against the sun and comfort on hot days. Ideal for hiking, climbing, sailing, running. The Solen collection combines two technologies: the environmentally friendly S.Café® and LIFA® Active fabric technology.

The S.Café® process works with used coffee, which in its fiber structure turns into a brand new material, thus providing clothing with UPF 50+ light protection without the use of chemicals. S.Café® is also a quick-drying, odor-resistant and durable material.

LIFA® Active fiber technology is excellent absorbent, so the skin stays dry.

The Helly Hansen® Women's T-shirt is made from 60% Ocean Bound recycled polyester.


Material: 60% polyester (recycled), 40% polypropylene
Weight: 140 g
LIFA® ACTIVE fiber technology
S.Café® fabric technology
Natural odor resistance
Hood for extra protection
Excellent absorbency
100% hydrophobic polypropylene interior
2-layer pleated structure
bluesign® product
Oceanbound recycled material
UPF 50 sun protection


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