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Gumotex Solar 2 Inflatable Kayak

987.77 EUR (816.34 EUR + VAT)
Manufacturer: Gumotex
Model: GUM00012


The inflatable Solar is intended for recreational excursions and trips on rivers up to WW2. SOLAR benefits from many new innovations. Extended decks to help prevent water getting inside the hull. To increase stiffness and further improve performance there is metal reinforcement fitted under the front spray deck which affords extra leg room. For convenient draining of water there is now a drain facility at the stern. SOLAR in its basic version is equipped with two seats but has the fixtures for a third. Seating positions are variable; SOLAR can be a single, double or a three seat kayak..


Length (cm)410
Width (cm)80
Weight (kg)18,5
Max. load (kg)270
Paddle typeKayak
Max. number of persons2 adults + 1 child
Air chambers3 + 4 + 2
Packed dimension (cm)65 x 39 x 24
Max. operation pressure (Mpa / Bar / PSI)0,02 / 0,2 / 3,0


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