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Gumotex Framura Inflatable Kayak

1,109.27 EUR (924.39 EUR + VAT)
Manufacturer: Gumotex
Model: GUM00032
Availability: Last 1 db in stock


as calm rivers up to Gr. 1 white water. FRAMURA can carry a lot of baggage that can be stored in front and rear. The kayak has a non-removable deck with elastic netting and is supplied with a comfortable inflatable seat. A sea-kayak paddle is an ideal choice for FRAMURA.


Length (cm)410
Width (cm)75
Weight (kg)16
Max. load (kg)180
MaterialNitrilon® PES
Paddle typeKayak
Max. number of persons1 person
Air chambers3 + 2
Packed dimension (cm)68 × 40 × 30
Max. operation pressure (Mpa / Bar / PSI)0,02 ⁄ 0,2 ⁄ 3,0
Cardboard box dimension76 × 50 × 34

Lenght Between 4-5 meters
Width More than 60 centimeters
Manouvering With skeg
Material Nitrilon®
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