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Eco Kayak Family Touring Kayak 2022

1,119.50 EUR (925.21 EUR + VAT)
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Manufacturer: Eco Kayak
Model: ECO00032


At first glance, the Eco Kayak Family might be a little unusual, it is a 560 cm long sit-in touring kayak for 3 people. The boat is a richly equipped model of Eco Kayak designed for families, where special emphasis was placed on ensuring that, in addition to the maximum comfort provided by the ergonomically designed, fabric-covered sponge seat and fabric-covered height-adjustable lumbar support, the kayaker may reach the best cruising speed of the boat. The behaviour of the boat is determined by the design of the bottom, the Eco Kayak Family shows a high traveling speed and good directional control despite the large hull, while the flat middle part with two longitudinal ribs provides stability and rigidity to the hull.

The boat is especially recommended for family tourers who want to speed up the pace a bit after the extremely stable but slower touring canoe, and thus take on medium or longer distances during their adventures, at the same time, we also recommend it to tour organizing companies, since with these boats they can put up to 50% more tourers on the water at the same time, using the same number of boats. The design of the boat is unique due to the full-fledged middle cockpit, which in the case of two people can store equipment for several days of expedition, in addition to the two smaller watertight compartments.


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Category Sea kayak/Touring kayak
Lenght, width, height  560, 70, 42 [cm]
Material HDPE High Density PoliEthylene
Weight 48 kg
Cockpit size 81 x 44 [cm]
Capacity 350 kg
Basic equipment

3 seats, 3 backrests, 2 waterproof compartments

rudder system

Recommended accessories paddle, PFD, delivery cart



Lenght Longer than 5 meters
Width More than 60 centimeters
Manouvering With rudder
Material One Layer Polyethylene
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