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TNP Combination Kayak And Canoe Paddle

84.08 EUR (69.49 EUR + VAT)
Availability: Can be ordered
Manufacturer: TNP
Model: TNP07590


Two-part combination paddle, can be used as a canoe and kayak paddle, angle of 30 ° and 75° (blade area 736 cm²).  The Combination Alu combination paddle from TNP is a practical paddle that can be used both as a single paddle and as a double paddle. With a snap fastener, the versatile paddle can be used quickly and easily either as 1 kayak or 2 canoe paddles. The material of the sheet is made of tough polyethylene. The paddle shaft is made of aluminum. The main advantages of the paddle are its high strength and durability. The combination paddle is suitable both in calm waters and for white water rides. It is an excellent gift for your parents, friends or partners.

Shaft diameter 30


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