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Eco Kayak Adventure
Lenght: 450 cmWidth: 55 cmHeight: 38 cm Cockpit size: 85 x 45 x 33 cm Rigid HDPE material
249.900 Ft
Eco Kayak Ranger
Lenght: 518 cmWidth: 67 cmHeight: 41 cm Cockpit size: 87 x 45 cmWeight: 38 kgCapacity: 300 kg
279.900 Ft
Eco Kayak Supreme
Lenght: 540 cmWidth: 55 cmHeight: 49 cm Cockpit size: 86 x 40 cmWeight: 29 kg Capacity: 150 kg
299.900 Ft
SeaBird Expedition Afjord Pro
Sea kayak that is only 368 cm long! Very easy to handle on land and at sea. Åfjord is a...
239.900 Ft
SeaBird Discovery
SeaBird Designs Discovery is the best choice for people who appreciate stable and responsive kayaks. Want to paddle on sea,...
289.900 Ft 279.900 Ft
SeaBird Expedition HV
Expedition HV is roomy, comfortable and elegant sea kayak. With its length of 518 cm it is the second longest...
349.900 Ft
Eco Kayak Fishing 1
Lenght: 350 mWidth: 86 cmHeight: 36 cm Weight: 33 kgCapacity: 200 kgMaterial: HDPE
219.900 Ft
Nelo Azores A1
The Azores is a very stable Sea Kayak, making it a good option for beginners. Although being a Sea Kayak...
549.000 Ft
K2 Waterman A1
Vendor: Nelo  Type: Waterman   Construction: A1  Year of manufacture: 2019      Condition: New Color: Yellow  Stability: 3  Shipping details: contact us info@kajak.hu...
799.000 Ft
Nelo Amassalik A1
The Amassalik is one of the oldest Nelo designs, during the years it became faster and more comfortable without loosing...
549.000 Ft
Vendor: Nelo  Type: Inuk Construction: A1  Year of manufacture: 2009 Condition: New, Test Color: Yellow  Stability: 3 Shipping details: contact us...
649.000 Ft
SeaBird Expedition Afjord Yellow
Designer: Ingvar Ankervik/VKVProduct developer: Len YstmarkMaterial: Blow molding PE Expedition Åfjord 368 Club is a shortened version of Expedition LV/HV. It is a...
189.900 Ft 179.900 Ft
SeaBird Expedition Afjord with Rudder
Sea kayak that is only 368 cm long! Very easy to handle on land and at sea. Expedition Åfjord combines...
219.000 Ft 209.900 Ft
SeaBird Expedition LV
Expedition LV is compact, comfortable and elegant sea kayak for smaller and mid-size paddlers from 55 kg to 90 kg....
349.900 Ft
SeaBird Expedition Odin
Expedition Odin is a reduced version of our bestsellers Expedition LV/HV. This is a great first-time-purchase for children and adolescents....
239.900 Ft
SeaBird Fisherman 12
The Fisherman 12 is an efficient platform for fishing, hunting, diving, bird-watching, photographing or painting. More than that - it...
299.900 Ft 289.900 Ft
SeaBird Ranchero 12
Ranchero 12 is an innovative new multi-purpose hybrid, combining the benefits from sit-in and sit-on-top kayaks. The extremely large roomy...
259.900 Ft 239.900 Ft
SeaBird R Scott MV HDPE
The "SeaBird Designs R Scott" MV HDPE is the mid capacity version constructed in roto-moulded 3 layer polyethylene. Designed to...
349.900 Ft
SeaBird Victory HV
Victory HV is designed to be a responsive, fun kayak for leisurely touring. Its design is focused on creating a...
349.900 Ft
SeaBird Lunar 12
Lunar 12 is a stable all-round sit-on-top kayak with good speed for a wide range of outdoor activities such as...
209.900 Ft 199.900 Ft
Roto VIKING 1-layer
A steamlined, balanced, compacted Canoe made from long lasting 1 or 3 layer polyethylene for more bouyancy. The viking is...
249.900 Ft
Roto CANADIER Explorer
Canadier is a classical must have canoe shape for free time, flawless in all situation, sea, lake or quite river....
389.900 Ft
Roto BURAN 488 Expedition
Buran 488 the kayak for tall and / or heavy paddlers – or persons with limited mobility. XL – cockpit...
359.900 Ft
Roto BURAN Weekend
A modern sea kayak wit a shorter hull for added manoeuverability and more rocker for greater secondary stability and easier...
269.900 Ft